18-Year-Old Grandson of Sen. Pangilinan was bullied and harassed by frat members, why?

The grandson of Senator Kiko Pangilinan revealed that he was reportedly being bullied and beaten up by certain fraternity members in Adamson University.

According to this report by the Manila Bulletin, 18-year-old Robert Pangilinan is a student of Adamson currently studying Hotel Management. He went to the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and reported how the fraternity supposedly beat him as other students simply watched last August 7, 2017.

“They always bullied him, binabatukan ng mga members every time they see him. He was recruited by the fraternity with the promise that they will never hurt him. He joined the frat but the group did not stop,” said Marissa, Robert’s mother.

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One of Robert’s teachers described him as a “good student with high grades and was very jolly, until the frat began bullying him.”

“Wala naman kami magagawa dito sa school, at malimit nangyayari pag-bully ng mga Tau Gamma dito. Better magpahinga muna at lipat na lang siya ng school. We also fear for his life,” the teacher added.

The Pangilinan family contacted the school administration about this alleged harassment but received no response from them.

The family said that the 15 members of the fraternity will be charged with grave threat and serious physical injury.

NBI Bureau Head Agent Palmer Mallari said this matter with be investigated immediately.

“We beg the Adamson community to help us on this case, our son is not the only one who is bullied and tinatakot ng mga frat na yan. There is no brotherhood and camaraderie,” said Marissa.

“Half cousin ko tatay ni Robbie. ‘Yong tatay anak ng half brother ng father ko,” Senator Kiko Pangilinan said in a text message to the Manila Bulletin.

The Robert is Sen. Pangilinan grandson by way of his half cousin.

The Tau Gamma Phi from Adamson did not release a statement as of writing this article.

[Source: TNP]
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