Online scammer: Using P10 money remittance as bait, Teenage girl arrested

Online scammer was captured using P10 Money Remittance as a Bait

Shopping online can be a risk for both the buyers and the sellers because they only know people by the photo and the description they provide on their profile online.

But what mostly happen based on what we see on social medias, there are already numerous cases of online scammers that were posted on the internet that was never get caught or arrested.

Except to what happened to one of the netizens named Sunshine Garcia Bulahan, she managed to capture the online scammer of her sister using only P10.00 money remittance. Sunshine shared her experience on Facebook and earned 3,000+ shares as of this writing.

Sunshine posted this online along with the i.d of the seller that she presented on her sister, and she was shocked that there are so many comments on her post saying that it was not “MIA.”

What happened is Identity theft, the real Mia Michelle Arroyo was not in Cadiz, Negros Occidental but she is in Manila.

The scammer used her identity and profile to rob other people.

On June 25, the seller replied to Sunshine’s messages before the incident of her sister and this is when she was trying to inquire about her products. And so, she uses this opportunity to capture the scammer.

She used a different account to talk to the seller and act as if she was interested in the products she was selling.

Sunshine even sends a photo of money that she will use to buy the products, the scammer was really into it. When they both had a deal about the transactions of the product. The next day, Sunshine asked the help of their local police and even Mia’s family give their assistance too.

Every branch of the local remittance center has one police stationed and was in civilian for undercover.

So that when the scammer is about to claim the money, she will get arrested right away.

Sunshine sends P10 in local remittance center and texted the scammer that she already sends the money, and boom, the scammer was arrested and now in the custody of the police.

Even that the scammer was already arrested, Sunshine’s wants to clarify things.

She said that she posted this online, to raise awareness to not ever trust something based on what they see online. And even warn people, not to post things that may reveal your identity because you might never know, that someone is just waiting to use your profile in evil.

And she has also message for the scammers out there saying;

'Pinost ko po eto para ma-warningan ang mga scammer na hindi po lahat ng na-scam niyo ay nagpabaya lang'.

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