Netizens slams misleading and ignorant video from NowThis: 'Sympathizing Terrorist'

This is a very misleading and ignorant video in so many ways. SS/nowthis

"Whoever made this video ought to be ashamed of themselves and their entire organization. It's an absolute disgrace. Go to the Philippines, talk to the people, be on the ground. Heck go to marawi, and then see if you still sympathize with the abu-sayaff."

The Conflict In the Philippines Explained
Thousands of people have been displaced by terror groups in the Philippines — here's everything you need to know
Posted by NowThis on Friday, June 23, 2017

'Sympathizing Terrorist'

 This is a very misleading and ignorant video in so many ways. Here's of a couple of reasons why (among other things):

1. The president's statement that 'if it means so many people dying, so be it" is a statement to counter the terrorists' strategy which revolves around using civilians to shield them from the government.

It is not just a war of ammunition but also a psychological war, which uneducated people like the author of this video (who is even an outsider to the Philippine issue) know nothing about.

You know nothing about the art of war and you never will, because of your narrow mind. This war has begun and is inevitable and was never caused by the government.

The government is dealing with it in the most radical way.

2. What do you mean Mindanao doesn't want to be part of the Philippines?

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It's not Mindanao who doesn't want to be part of the Philippines, it's their sultans, their oligarchs, and other groups who do not want to relinquish power to the government and instead wanted continue their dynasty.

But they lost their power to the government. And they want to reestablish it for personal gain.

When you say the people of Mindanao did not want to be part of the Philippines, make sure to establish this: who did you specifically ask?

The people? Or the supposed heirs of the old Mindanao.

Putting this argument to lead people to believe the government has caused this war is pathetic and ignorant. Putting Mindanao as part of the Philippines did not anger many Moros, it angered rebels who wanted to grab the power and take it into their hands instead.

The only way to stop the long-standing fight in Mindanaoan is for the government to take a firm stand and not let these Mindanao power grabbers to spin us with their revisionist views on who should own Mindanao.

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