Bestfriend of Slain Bohol Mayor: Mayor’s Marriage Was A ‘Joke’

Bestfriend of Slain Bohol Mayor Says Mayor’s Marriage Was A ‘Joke’

Bien Unido mayor was shot dead and her body was thrown into the sea.

Her best friend shared the mayor's life in the hands of her husband.

She claimed that the mayor is a trophy wife and her married life was wrecked.

The best friend of slain Bien Unido mayor Gisela Boniel already released her statement regarding the mayor’s murder and death.

Last Wednesday at 2 a.m, Angela Gamalinda-Leyson was held captive together with the mayor of Bien Unido, Bohol, Gisela Boniel.

In a report released by the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Leyson positively identified Gisela’s husband, Bohol Provincial Board member Nino Boniel, as the person who detained them inside a room, physically abused Gisela and endangered their lives.

On June 9, reports started to claim that the Bien Unido mayor was shot dead with her body thrown into the sea.

As Gisela’s best friend, Leyson shed some light on the relationship of the mayor with her husband She claimed that Gisela shared how her life changed ever since she married Nino Boniel.

She would often say how much she wanted to die because of the suffering she gets from the incumbent Provincial Board member.

Gisela gave up her former profession as a commercial pilot, to run as Bien Unido’s mayor and replace her husband who has served for a total of 12 terms.

“He clipped her wings. She was in love with flying, but she was convinced to give it up to run for mayor of Bien Unido”, Leyson said.

A trophy wife is how she would describe herself to her best friend.

Leyson claimed that Gisela would always tell her that her marriage life was a joke and she felt like she’s just an instrument used to hide the imperfections of Nino Boniel.

Leyson then denied the rumors that Gisela has been living under the same roof with a certain foreigner.

Reports claimed that financial matters and jealousy were Boniel’s alleged primary motives for allegedly killing Gisela. It was found out that Gisela filed for their marriage to be annulled, one day before the incident took place.

Nino would face charges of parricide shall he be proven guilty of the murder and his cohorts would face murder, serious illegal detention, and serious physical injury.

Inquirer reported that Leyson would file separate criminal charges against the provincial board member.

What should be the punishment for Nino Boniel shall he be proven guilty? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Source: SunStar / TNP

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