Exposed: The ‘Real Face’ Of Jesus Christ! - Forensic Scientists

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Forensic Scientists Exposed The ‘Real Face’ Of Jesus Christ!

For years, Catholics have imagined Jesus Christ as a tall man with a sharp nose, long flowing hair, fair complexion, and hazel brown eyes. Because famous artists of the past depicted him this way, followers were led to believe that this is the actual image of Jesus Christ.

However, Dr. Richard Neave and his team of forensic experts conducted a project aiming to recreate what Jesus might actually have looked like.

Because of the absence of a skeletal frame and lack of details from the Bible on Jesus Christ’s appearance, Dr. Neave had to rely on three different Semite skulls as a reference on what Jesus’s appearance might have actually been.

Dr. Neave and his team used forensic anthropology with the help of computerized tomography to come up with a 3D reconstruction of Jesus’ face.

Dr. Neave found out that Jesus most likely had dark skin because of the harsh heat in Nazareth. He also might have had short and curly hair which is a typical feature of Middle Eastern Jews during that time.

According to forensic experts, Jesus could have also had a wider face unlike the slender and gentler image we were used to for years.

“This is probably a lot closer to the truth than the work of many great masters,” commented Allison Galloway, professor of anthropology at the University of California to Neave’s project.

[Source: TNP]

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