Cayetano’s reason why he rejects Gina Lopez appointment circulates on internet

Senator Alan Peter Cayetano and DENR secretary and environmentalist Gina Lopez - Photo source

“There is actually a story behind the rejection of Gina Lopez. It’s all politics. Digong chose not to back up Lopez this time and let Sonny Dominguez do the rest,”

Some President Duterte supporters were disappointed and shocked when they knew that Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, the closest ally of President Rodrigo Duterte was one of the members of the Commission on Appointments who rejected the appointment of former DENR secretary and environmentalist Gina Lopez on Wednesday.

Several allies of President Rodrigo Duterte also rejected the appointment of Gina Lopez.

Now many netizens were asking why the closest ally of the President blocked the appointment of Gina Lopez.

Arne Gerswin Gogo, a public relations and marketing professional, revealed the possible reason why Gina Lopez was rejected by the closest allies of President Rodrigo Duterte while the opposition supported the environmentalist’ appointment.

According to him, Cayetano was already suspicious with Lopez because she retained the operation of the mining of Eric Guiterrez in Agusan

“Now I know, why Alan Peter Cayetano kept on asking Lopez on how the judgment was made among those mining companies who passed and failed in the audit.

The thing is, Lopez retained the operation of the mining of the Gutierrez’s in Agusan in which we all know, one of the biggest campaign contributors of Mar Roxas,” Gogo said.

Who is Eric Guiterrez? He is one of the biggest campaign contributors of Mar Roxas and faces controversies because of committing alleged illegal mining in Mindanao.

Even President Duterte was angered by Guiterrez alleged illegal activities and during the election period, he accused Roxas of being supported by the businessman who owns the SR Metals, Inc. which was subjected to a Senate Investigation for the allegedly illegal shipment of nickel ores amounting 28 million pesos.

The President also said before that despite of the order of the highest court to Guiterrez to stop it’s mining operations, they are still continuing their business because it is backed by Roxas and the former ruling party, the Liberal Party.

“Well they say that the Lopez’ and the Gutierrez’ are close. And Digong just learned about this, lately. So it was a unanimous decision to the allies of the President to vote NO, whom we expected to back up Lopez from the start. The like of Pimentel, Cayetano, Lacson and Zubiri and all of the 12 member Congressmen of the C.A, really think that the best option they had is to let Lopez go,” He added.

He also believes that the alleged support of Lopez to the mining company of Guiterrez made the members of the Liberal Party to support the environmentalist.

“And why is it that all dilawan senators voted for Lopez? Because they can all benefit from her,” He said.

Even the radio broadcaster Erwin Tulfo, said the same reason why the liberal party senators really wanted to appoint Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary.

In an episode of Punto Asintado hosted by Erwin Tulfo, he also called the attention of the people who wanted to support the confirmation of former DENR Secretary Gina Lopez due to the decision of her management to allow the operations of several controversial mining companies.

Gina Lopez is not yet giving any statement on her alleged connection with the controversial miner.
In a text message, Senator Panfilo Lacson also said that he didn’t supported the appointment of Gina Lopez because of “authoritarian tendencies.”

He also said that Lopez “admittedly arrogated unto herself the authority which is not prescribed under the existing laws of the land,” that could made her “potentially dangerous as a department head.”

Recently, President Rodrigo Duterte expressed his sadness on what happened to Gina Lopez, but he respected the Commission on Appointments and explained that “he cannot control everything”

Four members of the senate majority voted against the appointment of Gina Lopez, they are Senators Alan Peter Cayetano, Gringo Honasan, Panfilo Lacson and Miguel Zubiri.

All the members of the commission on the lower house also voted against the former environmental secretary Gina Lopez.

After being rejected, Gina Lopez wanted President Rodrigo Duterte to lead the DENR and considering herself to become his undersecretary. [Source]
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