'I Apologize' - Jim Paredes after gets bagful of criticisms

Watch: 'I Apologize to those who don't understand the setuation '

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  1. Who are you to tell those people that they're "wrong" "inventing" and "denial"? Nangangatwiran ka pa sa mga naging actions mo. Kita naman sa video na you're being arrogant cos you keep on yelling to these pro dutertes! May mga isip at urbanidad naman ang mga yan pwede mo kausapin ng maayos! You said you are old man enough "famous" (was) I think. But where is the maturity and respect?? Oh pls! Try to act like one! ���� #blah

  2. stop twisting the issue for what you did ,. and i think your certified lier after i've watched the Video ur making argument debates to the children i have a question for you JIM are you the real owner of EDsa shut up JIM ur bulliying the supporter of the current Ademin you dont have the rigth dont you know why ? youre arrogant,.

  3. SCREW JIM PAREDES....Kung talagang matapang ka punta ka sa Zamboanga City and we'd love to watch you pee and shit in your pants!