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HAPPENING NOW: Senate investigates alleged 'Davao Death Squad'

HAPPENING NOW: Senate investigates alleged 'Davao Death Squad' - Public Order and Dangerous Drugs Committee Chair Senator Ping Lacson: I have grown averse to flipflopping statements made under oath - Lacson advises Arturo Lascañas on importance of new information - Lacson cites jurisprudence on credible witness - Lascañas: I fear for the lives of my loved ones - Lascañas: I made public confession because of desire to tell the truth - Lascañas discusses structure of alleged Davao Death Squad - Lascañas: I was one of the alleged Davao Death Squad pioneers - Lascañas recalls bombing of Kamamara Mosque in Davao - Lascañas recalls kidnap for ransom incident between 1993-1997 - Lascañas recounts killing of suspect, family - Lascañas: We called then Mayor Rody Duterte "Superman" - Lascañas discusses case of broadcaster Jun Pala: He survived two attempts on his life - Lacson points out discrepancy in Lascañas statements - PNP discusses report on Jun Pala killing in 2003
Posted by CNN Philippines on Sunday, March 5, 2017
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