Trillanes threatens him war? Look Zubiri's world-class Kali-Arnis skill

Senator Miguel Zubiri's world-class Kali-Arnis skills went viral after Antonio Trillanes threatens him for a war.

During their speeches, Zubiri and Trillanes challenged each other to a physical fight, but fortunately, their colleagues pacified them before something worse happen during the Senate Session.

I did not become a world champion of arnis for nothing. Sen. Zubiri said in response of the statement of Sen.Trillanes that he should prepare for war. [Via]

Watch videos below:

1989 World Arnis Championships
This is the tournament where i won my first World championship Gold medal after fighting three amazing fighters from all over the world. Thank God i still found this video..
Posted by Senator Migz Zubiri on Sunday, March 6, 2011
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