Locals found 'Yamashita Treasure' but implanted with miniature bombs

The rumored treasure of the Japanese General Tomoyuki Yamashita during the World War II was finally found by local hunters inside a cave yet to their surprised it was implanted with miniature bombs.

We all have heard the legend of the Tiger's treasure that it has huge masses of gold and it was secretly hidden in the caves and mountains of the Philippines but up until today people are still in the quest of searching for it that is why many netizens in social media were all shocked and surprised for what they have heard.

The video shows a number or people cleaning thoroughly the cache of golds of the rumored Yamashita treasure in a dark cave in the Philippines.

The video was posted on Facebook last January 2, 2017 and the Facebook page claims that this is a video of locals who found the legendary treasure of the WWII Japanese general.

In the post they captioned, "The secret of the Philippine caves.... Yamashita treasure dig and found by the locals a large cache of gold bars that has been implanted with a miniature bombs."

The video went viral all over social media for many social media users where surprised and amazed of the discovery yet some aren't convinced if it was true or not. [Source]

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