First ever: Mayor's field trip to Malacañang to meet Pres. Duterte

President Duterte gave a free field trip to all Mayors in the Philippines and their first destination is the Malacañang Palace.

Community Newswatch Philippines shared a photo of a bus full of Mayors that scheduled to visit the Malacañang palace to they to meet President Rodrigo Duterte.

A bus from the City Government of Quezon used to carry public officials to Malacañang Palace Photo:PRR
The bus of Malacañang Palace was also used in the first ever Mayor’s field trip to meet and greet President Rodrigo Duterte Photo: PRR
Some Mayors decided to use their personal car in their visit to Malacañang Palace. Photo: PRR

The President already ordered to summon all the Mayors in the Philippines to personally meet them and show the thick drug list where more than 2,000 public officials was listed.

“tatawagin ko iyong mga mayors, i-lock ko, no… kami-kami lang. Pangalan mo diyan mayor, p***ina ‘pag nandiyan iyong pangalan mo, may problema ka. Talagang papatayin kita”

Duterte threatened the Mayors that if their names were on the list, he would force them to resign and remove all their powers to contro the local police.

During one of his speeches, President Rodrigo Duterte claimed that the thick list made him cry every night because he didn’t realize that he underestimated the drug problem in the Philippines.

Vice President Leni Robredo reacted on the statements of Duterte and she was hoping that the President is only “exaggerating” his statements on the Mayors allegedly involved in illegal drugs operations. [Source ABS-CBN]

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