Trillanes to Duterte: "Open your eyes, niloloko na tayong lahat"

Senator Antonio Trillanes IV on Thursday appealed to the public not to let President Rodrigo Duterte “fool” them with his conflicting statements.

“Open your eyes. To the Filipino people, open your eyes, niloloko ka na. Niloloko na tayong lahat,” Trillanes said at a press conference.

“Worse, pinapatay na nga tayo dahan-dahan eh and he’s doing it in your face,” he added, referring to the rise of extrajudicial killings in the country.

Trillanes made the statement after Duterte broke his vow to stop cursing.

On Wednesday, Duterte cussed anew over the decision of the US State Department to abort its rifle deal with the Philippine National Police (PNP).

"‘Yan ang problema ko sa Amerika. May bilib ako sa kanila. Pero ang problema, nawalan ako ng respeto kaya binabastos ko sila. Kasi binabastos… Tingnan mo mga unggoy. ‘Yung 26,000 na baril na bibilhin natin sa kanila, ayaw ng ipagbili. T— ina mo," Duterte said.

Just last week, Duterte said he made a promise to God to stop spewing bad words, a habit he has had since he was mayor of Davao City.

No longer new

Trillanes, a staunch critic of the President, said news of Duterte conflicting his own statements were no longer new to him.

“Sa akin, hindi na bago yan. Nakita ko na yan. Narinig ko na yan,” he said.

Trillanes then mimicked Duterte’s pronouncements before the 2016 campaign period, when the latter insisted that he had no intention of running for the presidency. Duterte eventually won the national elections with 16 million votes.

“Sakay na sakay naman yung Pilipino. O di ba hindi niyo nakita na naisahan kayo dun? Ngayon, iniisihan pa kayo. Three to six months, ‘I will stop crime.’ Sakay na sakay na naman,” he said.

Duterte has appealed for another six months to end criminality and the problem of illegal drugs in the country.

Trillanes further cited Duterte’s conflicting statements concerning the additional pay for soldiers and policemen, and his plan to take a jet ski to reclaim a disputed area in the Spratlys Island.

“Kapag ikaw naisahan, palulusutin mo pa rin. Pag na-onse ka na, eh ngayon 1,111 so ilang isa na yun? May diperensya ka na, talagang nagpapaloko ka na. Di ba?” Trillanes said.

“Alam niyo na nga, there’s something wrong with him, and yet ginagawan pa ng palusot,” he said.

Trillanes then slammed his colleagues in the Senate for being so-called “apologists” for the President.
He said it was “intellectual dishonesty” to come up with alibis for Duterte’s actions. — [Source]

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