Watch: 8-Year Old Girl Brutally Murdered After Being Raped By 4 Drug Addicts

A Grade 2 student named Romelinda Gardon was found dead floating in the river near Las Pinas and Bacoor boundary last October 7.

The 8-year old girl was brutally slain after she was raped by 4 alleged drug addicts. According to ABS-CBN News report, bruises and blood were found in the girl’s body. Police officials affirmed that lacerations were also present in the child, an indication that she was raped before she was dumped in the river.

According to Gardon’s parents, they did not expect that this will happen to their daughter. Gardon was asked by her cousin to buy dinner outside their house but she failed to come back.

The suspects were immediately arrested with the help of two witnesses. The police officials released the names of the suspects and they were identified as Rowell Dela Cruz, Nico Zamora, Jessie Aguilar and Reynaldo De la Cruz.

According to “Mang Ador”, one of the witnesses, he was invited by the four suspects to take a shot of beer while they were having a session. He narrated that he saw Gardon eating with the suspects.

“Kasama nila doon. Nung umalis ako, nanduduon ‘yung bata” Mang Ador said.

Another witness who refused to be name claimed that he saw the suspects throwing the body of the victim in the river.

The suspects were found but two of them, Rowell De la Cruz and Nico Zamora were shot by the police when they tried to resist arrest. Jessie Aguilar and Reynaldo Dela Cruz were brought to prison and they were filed rape-slay charges.

Meanwhile, the parents of Gardon were thankful that despite the brutal experience of their daughter, the already achieved justice for her by the help of the police officials. - Via TNP

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