Unfollowing @rapplerdotcom: On the growing irrelevance of Maria Ressa

How the mighty have fallen—Maria Ressa, former CNN bureau chief and former head of the ABS-CBN news department, has been reduced to picking fights with Mocha Uson.

Ressa’s website Rappler has been posting a series of articles against pro-Duterte netizens who lambasted the yellow media for their biased reporting.

Mocha Uson was singled out by Rappler because she’s one of the most vocal Duterte supporters, and her blog has been overtaking Ressa’s Rappler in Facebook engagements.

What a humiliating blow for Maria Ressa’s ego. A mere “sexy star” (as Rappler calls Mocha), with none of Ressa’s credentials, experience, or funding, has beaten her at her own game.

How could this happen?

As a netizen who used to read Rappler but who now prefers to read Mocha’s blog, let me offer an explanation.

I prefer getting my news from Mocha Uson because she provides the updates that none of the yellow media are reporting.

For example, it was through Mocha’s site that I found out about the great improvements Sec. Art Tugade made at the airport, and the groundbreaking steps that Sec. Rafael Mariano and Sec. Manny Pinol have taken to help Filipino farmers, like the two-year ban on land conversion and free irrigation.

I go to Mocha’s site because that’s where I can read the unfiltered sentiments and concerns of our kababayans, without the lies and distortions of the yellow media.

Obviously, I’m not the only one who feels this way, that’s why the traffic on Mocha’s site and other anti-yellow sites has been skyrocketing.

Elitist journalists want to believe only the masa read Mocha’s page, but they are gravely mistaken. Everyone is reading Mocha Uson’s blog, from security guards to CEOs. Her Facebook engagement stats are now higher than Rappler and Inquirer, so it’s not surprising that they’re openly attacking her.

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Senators, congressmen, and other elected officials, you need to pay attention.

Mocha, like President Duterte, is living proof that the yellow media are becoming irrelevant.

Mocha, like President Duterte, became more popular than she ever was because she gave voice to the people and refused to kowtow to the yellow media.

Contrast this with Leni Robredo and Leila de Lima, who worked so hard to be the darlings of the yellow media and only succeeded in making people hate them more.

Sucking up to the yellow media is the new kiss of death. Be forewarned. The people and Mocha Uson are the real kingmakers now. - Courtesy: grpshorts

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