The execution of Saudi Prince Turki Bin Saud Al-Kabir recently has drawn different reactions from netizens.Some did not believe at first but most of them agreed that Saudi Arabia is indeed strict in upholding the law regardless of your social status.

The Prince is sentenced to be executed for murdering his fellow citizen and a friend.

Hours before  the execution,the Prince was allowed to do few things and here are the six things he did before he was executed:

1. He was allowed to meet his family.The Imam of the Al Safa Mosque Mohammad Al Maslooki said that the family was all crying while they bid the Prince goodbye and must have left the place with a burdened heart for their loved one prior to the execution.

2.The Saudi Prince offered Fajar prayers and recited the Holy Qur'an until dawn.

3.Thee Warden took him at around 7 in the morning.He was brought to the police for him to write his last will but he was not able to write it by himself.

4.The family of the victim arrived at the designated area of execution  at around 11am.The Prince wash himself as he gets himself ready for the execution.

5.Senior members of the family of the Saudi Prince tried to convince the family of the victim  to pardon the prince and accept the blood money but the family is firm about their decision that the execution be carried out.After the Duhr prayer,a member of the royal family once again tried to convince the victims father but he turned them down again.

6.The Prince prayed Duhr and Asr and executed  after the prayer at 4:13 in the afternoon.The family of the victim has shown no expression as they were escorted heavily by the guards while leaving the premises,while the Prince's family kept on crying their hearts out for the demise of their loved one. - Source: jbsolis

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