G Tongi: Again, hits Duterte over remarks against Obama

The tough-talking President Rodrigo Duterte, primarily known for his rugged personality and straightforward approach, has been the subject of much scrutiny over the past few weeks regarding his recent tirades with the United States and his sharp words for President Barack Obama.

Many have grown concerned over Duterte's crude language, leading to some bashing and criticizing the president for his informal tongue. One to voice out her opinion in regards to this subject is actress and model Giselle "G" Tongi-Walters.

The 38-year old expressed her concern in an Instagram post over Duterte's current administration and was critical of Duterte's "unpresidential" way of speaking in regards to communicating with international leaders while also mentioning the death tolls brought about by Duterte's anti-drug campaign.

Walters also stated that the country will not be able to tolerate the daily rants and the excessive media attention during Duterte's full 6-year term as president of the country. Some have echoed her sentiments, while others have pointed out that Duterte's achievements are far more important to focus on.

Her post immediately caught the attention of many netizens and polarized opinions. The actress requested everyone to be honest and concerned over the nation's future in regards to some of the issues brought about by the current administration. - Source: Socialtrends

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