Duterte wants end to violent clashes between cops, activists: "Parang mga batang nagra-rumble"

President Rodrigo Duterte wants to talk with the driver of the police van that plowed into the ranks of protesters at the US Embassy and the activists themselves to know the details of the violent dispersal that had dozens injured on Wednesday.

Courtesy: GMA

Duterte, who has branded himself as the country's first Leftist president, added that he wanted an end to the clashes between policemen and militant groups staging demonstrations.

"I'm not justifying it but maybe he was under stress that they might gang up on him, hurt him and he acted on instinct self preservation," Duterte said as regards the behavior of PO3 Franklin Kho, who allegedly drove a multicab into crowd of activists on Wednesday.

"I will try to talk to the police invite him for coffee and I will talk to the activists. I'd like to know what really happened... I would do the questioning also," he added.

Duterte made the remarks in a news conference at the Davao airport upon his arrival from a four-day state visit in China. He was abroad when the violent dispersal happened after marchers reached the vicinity of the US Embassy in Manila.

"I do not want a quarrel... We should stop it because we are talking," Duterte said referring to the government's peace talks with the National Democratic Front, with whom the militant groups are identified.

"I do not want anybody hurt there; not the police not the young militants. It's time we treat this matter with civility," he added.

"Everybody is progressing. Whether it's in China, Japan.  Why are we still trying to fight them? Para tayong mga batang nagra-rumble e," Duterte said. - NB, GMA News

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