China Places PH Flag Higher Than 4 China Flags! What Does This Mean?

Even before President Duterte reported his 4-day state visit to China with president Xi Jinping, it seemed like everything has been going well between the two countries.

Duterte earlier pronounced that he is going to pivot PH's international relations to Beijing instead of Washington. "What kept us from China was not our own making. I will charter a new course,” he said.

A video posted by the Presidential Communications of the Philippines emphasized this successful state visit. In the video, the Philippine Flag stands higher than the four flags of China. Some netizens interpreted this as China showing its highest respect to the Philippines. One netizen commented:

“Pres. Duterte once said that he will ride a Jetski to the boundaries of Spratlys and plant the Philippine Flag there. He did more than that. Look, our flag, right there in the heart of China, soaring high!!!”

Meanwhile, sources suggest that flag etiquette is strictly implemented in the country which means that the sightings may have a more significant meaning. - Source: TNP/RTVM

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