Natasyha Gutierrez (Rappler Journalist) Breaks Silence on Duterte's Verbal Attacks Against De Lima

Multimedia reporter and journalist Natashya Gutierrez of internet news website Rappler broke her silence and took to Twitter to express her concerns regarding Duterte's personal attacks against Senator Leila De Lima. The Filipino journalist deemed the president's verbal assaults towards De Lima as 'outright disgusting'.

In a Facebook post, , she clarified that she doesn't favor any particular political party and wants to let everyone know about her opinions regarding the accusations of the president towards De Lima in which she found to be quite disrespectful and downright uncivil. Her post caught the attention of many netizens and spawned different reaction.

Many believe that her expression towards President Duterte's lambasting is a sign of courage and she was lauded by many for standing up for what she believes in. Meanwhile, others weren't too quick to agree, saying that she should not criticize the president for his actions because he is the leader of the country.

Nevertheless, whether she was right or wrong in the eyes of many, certainly Natasyha stuck a chord that echoed throughout the entire nation with her voice being completely heard by many people.

Read the complete post below:

I've kept uncharacteristically silent about our president, but today isn't one of those days. I am not yellow or red or...
Posted by Natashya Gutierrez on Wednesday, August 17, 2016
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