Mar Roxas, accomplice and protector of drug lords

President Rodrigo Duterte called Manuel Roxas II an “accomplice and protector of drug lords.”

Presidential spokesperson Peter Laviña slammed Roxas for saying he knew where to buy illegal drugs in Davao City and called him “pathetic.”

“He did not only exhibit irresponsible citizenship by not reporting to authorities where drugs are being peddled, he has in fact become an accomplice in protecting drug lords and drug pushers.”

After the first presidential debate last February 21 in Cagayan de Oro City on Sunday, Roxas blasted Duterte’s anti-drug campaign. “There are drugs in Davao up to now. Even now I can accompany you to buy drugs in Davao,” Laviña’s statement read quoting Roxas.

Laviña said "Roxas deserved to go to jail.”

“He is painting others black so he will look white,” he said.

He also condemned the incident, adding that they are exerting efforts to locate Tanto.

According to De Peralta, Tanto cannot be tried in a military tribunal because he is not on active-duty status.

He also said an Army Reserve Command personnel already went to the residence of Tanto but he was not around.

De Peralta explained that they do not issue weapons to their reservists, and that the one used by Tanto was probably a personal weapon

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